That’s literally what you’re doing. Your time is the most valuable good you possess, and the one least thought about when spending.

People talk  about investments, like buying a house, or a fund, or some stocks. So much time is put into the process of choosing what to invest our money in, how to get the best out of the money we have.

But the very first investment you’re making is investing your time.

At the second your live starts, your time starts depleting, that’s in the nature of all things:
Time is passing, always, and nobody can do anything to change that.
What you can do, is to treat it as the invaluable good it is.

Ever wondered at the end of the day where your time went, how fast the day passed?

Well, I did, and very often. At some point, a decision was made. I decided to take control of my time.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? But, still, most people dont just spend their time, they throw it away.
Take a few minutes and think about how much time you are spending on:

  • social media
  • complaining about something
  • watching TV
  • playing games

The point is not to tell you that you must stop using and doing all these things. Neither is the list any where near complete.

But it is about making you think. You won’t learn much, when I write how and what you should think, but if I point you towards the right direction and give you some hints about what the goal is, you can achieve it the way that suits you best.

To achieve your goals you will need time.  There is time we can not do much about, like the time we sleep. Or the time you’re at work. But after all, taking my schedule as an example, I came up with the following:

Every day is 24 hours of my time, the usual schedule for my weekday looks like so

  1. 7:00 a.m. wake up, get up (those are two different things!)
  2. go to the gym and have breakfast
  3. 9:00 a.m. be at the office and start working
  4. 1:oo p.m. break starts
  5. 2:00 p.m. break ends
  6. 6:00 p.m. leave the office
  7. 6:30 p.m. arrive at home and eat dinner

You’ll notice that I didnt write a mathematical calculation, like you would have propably done. I did that too. Looks great – doesn’t work. 😉
As I mentioned earlier, I sleep about 8 hours, so I have, to my full own expense:

  • 1 hour during my break
  • 4 hours after work

Most people would then watch tv, browse facebook, instagram, twitter or some other social media, maybe play some games. A lot less people would also go play a sport like tennis or go to the gym.

But what everybody, or close to everybody, has in common, is that they’re not willing to work during their freetime.

But this time, I am not speaking about working for your company, I talk about working on yourself. The time you are spending reading this blogpost is time you are investing, investing in yourself.

That’s one of the keyfeatures which distinguish the average people from those who will achieve their goals. Jeff Olson puts it like this in his book “The slight edge”:
9 out of 10 people will rather choose the (seemingly) more comfortable way of living.

But I, and maybe you too, want more than the average. We want success. And we want it badly. So take your time, think about what you’re doing with your time.

And in the end you might want to keep this sentence in mind:

What will doing this or that help me to be successful?