Zweifel sind Verräter, sie rauben uns, was wir gewinnen können, wenn wir nur einen Versuch wagen. -Shakespeare

Monat: Mai 2018

Achieving, but with care

Last Wednesday I woke up at 7 a.m., and usually I’ll go to the gym on a Wednesday.
But this time I didn’t make it. For some reason I did not get up on an instant, put on my clothes and walk to the gym.
At first glance this looks “bad” and to some extent it is. On the other hand, I have learned to listen to my body and analyze what it tries to tell me.

I’ve been working on a topic over the past week, that absolutely explodes my mind. Said topic is located within high class mathematics, and since I neither studied math, no have been very good at it in school, I fail to achieve success with the task.

To have you understand why I am telling you this a few sentences in between:
I am always telling people and mostly myself, that what I want to achieve, I can and will.
But one very important fact to always keep in mind is to be realistic with your approach.

I am sure that I could achieve the task I am writing about, but not within this short amount of time and not directly. At first, I would need to get into the basics of higher mathematics, then work my way towards the topic and then I could start working on the task and achieve success.

This post wants to show you, that it is one very important fact to take care of yourself and not let others push you to do something you clearly cannot achieve without extensive preparations.

You are investing every second

That’s literally what you’re doing. Your time is the most valuable good you possess, and the one least thought about when spending.

People talk  about investments, like buying a house, or a fund, or some stocks. So much time is put into the process of choosing what to invest our money in, how to get the best out of the money we have.

But the very first investment you’re making is investing your time.

The discipline of allowing yourself to rest

We all agree, that being disciplined with your tasks is a key factor to achieving your goals. But did you ever think about the point, that when there is light, there must be darkness, when there is day, there must be night. Otherwise you could not tell, now it is daytime, because you would not know anything different.

It’s the same with work. It is as important to be disciplined with taking breaks, a time off, even an occasional holiday.

As a wise man once said: Only a healthy body can serve a healthy mind.

This weekend, I am taking a time off, visiting my family back home in the world’s greatest city, Hamburg.


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